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A & R Sanderson Holdings Ltd (Sanderson Holdings) was established in 2013. Initially set up to be a simple investment vehicle for Alastair and Richard Sanderson it has developed into a property holding company.
Sanderson Holdings now has the long term aim of investing in asset classes that engage Alastair and Richard in their constant drive for learning.



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Alastair Sanderson

Personally, I am in business to learn, I have always been curious and I find that business can be the ultimate expression of that.

Richard Sanderson Oxford

Richard Sanderson

Driving business through carefully crafted websites and the leveraging of SEO is where we are able to have the biggest impact in today's dynamic marketplace.


Over the years, both Alastair and Richard have given media interview and written pieces for a number of news stations, podcasts and blog sites. If you feel that there might be a media opportunity that we are able to assist you with please reach out using the contact form below.

We are positioned to talk about the following subjects:


  • UK, EU, USA, Taiwan and China trade relations

  • Web-based business growth and SEO

  • Business startups and investments

  • Manufacturing of industrial machinery

  • The sports supplement industry, products, trends and insights

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